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When you’re searching for a professional Virginia oil tank removal company, call us here at Oil Tank Removal Now. We specialize in oil tank location, disconnection, extraction, and site restoration throughout Virginia using the safest, most efficient techniques in the industry.

Whether you are looking to replace your old oil tank with a new one, you are concerned that your existing tank may be leaking, or you’d simply like to eliminate the liability issues and environmental risks that come with having a tank on your property, you can count on us to exceed your expectations with our professional service and fair pricing.

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Virginia Oil Tank Removal Done Right

Underground Storage Tank Extraction

If you have an underground storage tank (UST) on your property that is either unused or has been in service for 20 years or more, it’s time to think about calling our Virginia oil tank removal experts.

Heating oil tanks that are no longer needed should be extracted as soon as possible to protect against the risk of soil contamination that can occur when aging tanks begin to corrode and rust out. The same is true for tanks that are past their recommended service life, since when it comes to aging oil tanks, the risk of leaks occurring increases significantly with every year that the tank remains in place.

Clearing your property of any older or unwanted USTs can also help you save money on your home insurance and increase the value of your land. Most real estate buyers now want to be sure that environmental hazards like USTs are removed before they purchase a property, which means that having your older tank taken out now is a great way to protect the value of your home, farm, or commercial real estate.

Closure and Removal of Commercial and Agricultural Fuel Tanks

Here at Oil Tank Removal Now, we help farmers, business owners, and commercial property managers with our comprehensive tank removal services that include disconnection and disposal of all types of agricultural and industrial petroleum storage tanks.

We have the experience it takes to tackle those tough tank removal jobs, including removing diesel fuel tanks from barns and workshops, taking out aging gas tanks from marinas, and digging up underground used oil holding basins.

Our contractors are fully licensed and insured, and all the work we do is fully compliant with the Virginia Department of Environmental Standards regulations for the closure and removal of both underground and above-ground petroleum storage tanks.

Soil Inspection and Site Restoration

When you hire our Virginia oil tank removal contractors to disconnect your tank, we won’t just dig up your unwanted oil tank – we’ll take care of all the soil inspections, permits, disconnection, and tank disposal it takes to complete the job in a way that protects your property and prevents problems in the future.

Depending on where in Virginia you live, the size of your petroleum storage tank, and the condition it’s in, additional permits and inspections may be required by your county building inspector and/or your local fire department. Here at Oil Tank Removal Now, we’ll take care of all the permits that are needed for your particular project on your behalf, and we’ll provide you with documentation confirming your tank was removed correctly.

We also haul your old tank away for disposal at an approved waste management site, and if your tank was buried on your property, we’ll also fill and level out the project site to leave your land safe and ready to use.

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To speak with one of our Virginia oil tank removal experts about clearing that unwanted, aging oil tank, gas tank, or other petroleum storage tank off your property, call us here at Oil Tank Removal Now.

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