A leading resource in the industry, VA Oil Tank Removal Now offers a wide range of services to meet all of your underground storage tanks needs. Highly trained and experienced, our professional team provides efficient, safe Leesburg, Virginia oil tank removal. Our knowledge enables us to handle tanks of all sizes on either residential or commercial properties. Exceeding your expectations is always our optimal goal.

Our Highly Rated Process for Leesburg, Virginia Oil Tank Removal

Over time, your underground storage tank may begin to slowly degrade. A leaking tank poses a health significant risk to your personal or commercial property. Removing the tank eliminates the possibility of releasing harmful contaminants into the soil. Even though we approach each job site differently, our basic process is the same.

Free Estimate

VA Oil Tank Removal Now begins by offering a free estimate. We want to know all the details of your underground storage tank. If you do not know the location of your fuel tanks, our specialists will use ground-penetrating technology. After learning your exact needs, we will provide a free estimate and develop a plan of action.


Almost every oil tank removal in Leesburg requires a permit. Allowing our team to acquire the permit actually saves time and money. Using our vast knowledge of tank removal, we fill out the paperwork correctly the first time.

Removing the Tank

Different factors go into the tank removal process. After locating any remaining utility connections, we begin by emptying the tank. If the tank is empty, we simply proceed with the removal process. Our experienced team uses highly proven techniques to remove the tank with minimal impact to your property.

Inspecting the tank, our contractors will determine if further action is required. A leaking tank is a liability. Following all safety protocols, we use soil remediation to eliminate the possible threat of spreading harmful contaminants. Ensuring we are within all local, state, and federal regulations, we finalize the process by packing the open cavity with gravel and topsoil.


When possible, we at Virginia Oil Tank Removal Now engage in recycling efforts. Eliminating the need to add usable materials to local landfills, we recycle the tank for metal. Our efforts help preserve the environment and cut costs.

If you are ready for more information on our highly rated Leesburg, Virginia oil tank removal process, please contact us today.