Purchasing personal or commercial property is a great investment. Previously used or undisclosed underground storage tanks may threaten the value of your property. When a tank leaks, the contents seep into your soil creating a hazardous situation. Contacting us at Virgina Oil Tank Removal Now is critical.

Using proven techniques, our McLean, Virginia oil tank removal specialists will remove the threat to the environment. Restoring your property to pristine condition is our highest priority. We will work with you each step of the way to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Our High-Quality Process for McLean, Virginia Oil Tank Removal

Approaching your tank removal needs with professionalism, our specialists believe in complete customer service.

Estimate and Permits

Encompassing all of your exact underground storage tank removal needs, we begin by offering a free estimate. Preparing an efficient plan of action, we go over all the details with you. After acceptance, we even acquire the necessary permits for the oil tank removal. Allowing us to do all the paperwork ensures a hassle-free experience for you.

Removing the Underground Storage Tank

Using the top of the line construction equipment and machinery, we begin the process of removing your underground fuel tanks. If you are uncertain of your tank’s location, do not worry. We use ground-penetrating technology to aid us in the removal process.

Our removal process begins by emptying any remaining contents. An empty take is safer for our team and the environment to remove. After removal, we inspect the tank for any holes or other damage. We want to determine if the tank leaked contaminants into the surrounding soil.

A leaking tank requires further ground treatment to eliminate harmful contents. Our crew will test the soil to determine the next step. We are fully trained to implement soil remediation procedures to restore the area. After the soil is cleared, we fill and pack the hole with gravel and topsoil.


Virginia Oil Tank Removal engages in recycling efforts. If we are able, we scrap your oil tank for the metal. Not only do we keep usable materials out of dumping grounds, the process cuts costs. We pass the savings on to our valuable clients.

If you need more information on our McLean, Virginia oil tank removal process, please contact us now.